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Why Love & Hate

Because of Love

    some find themselves

    bathing in the sea of suffering

    agonized by the cruelty of humanity.


To see many brothers and sisters

    crying for help

    begging for food 

    fearing for survival

    breaks all silence.

Because of Hate

    some find themselves

    drowning in the sea of blood

    determined to destroy all enemies within.


To murder their brothers and sisters

    with rage and merciless

    in darkness and blindness

    is senseless and heartless.

    But why with such madness?


Through Love & Hate

    we can find strength to heal

    sharing what we have with others

    forgiving them for what they didn’t know.


To live and let live

    with love and harmony 

    courage and compassion

    brings hope and peace.

    Isn’t that what humanity is striving for?

Ida Tong / Nov. 2 / 2023 

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